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The Caraval Domain by Tekka-Croe The Caraval Domain by Tekka-Croe
So this has been in the works for a while now- a more detailed map of the Caraval Domain, one of the kingdoms of the fantasy universe which :iconthe-crimson-wolf: and I have been developing. Caraval can be seen on the World Map, east of the large peninsula on the large continent on the righthand side of the page.

It's worth noting- the size of the towns and cities here has been exaggerated, so that you can actually see what you're looking at.

Caraval is the kingdom in which our story starts, with three of the four members of the initial party hailing from it, so It's only natural that I'd start with Caraval when doing more detailed maps.

While not the largest or most powerful kingdom, the Caraval Domain has managed to stay prosperous and relatively peaceful for several centuries. This is due in large part to Caraval's natural isolation. In the east, it is bordered by the Argol Wood, a large forest rife with thieves and brigands. To the north lie the Indran Peaks, a chain of treacherous mountains which curves across Caraval's north border from the Indran peninsula to the west. And from the west, Caraval abuts The Wilds, an enormous jungle which covers most of the Indra region, an area considerably larger than Caraval itself. Caraval is a temperate region, with the interior consisting of plains in the south and the rolling Highlands in the north.

And here's a list of notable locations and their descriptions, a few of them with links to the Lego models by The-Crimson-Wolf and myself on which the locations are based.

Capital Caraval: The heart of the Caraval Domain, Capital Caraval is a large tiered city, built up around a steep hill at a bend in the River Chorda. Much of the outer city is protected by a large, segmented wall. The inner city is surrounded by a thick curtain wall. At the in-most edge of the inner city lies yet another wall. Within that wall is the hilltop, which remains grassy and bare save for Castle Caraval, positioned at the peak.

Alta Roa: Besides the capital, Alta Roa is the only other true "city" in Caraval. It is a bustling port city which regularly receives trade ships from the Orient and the exotic islands far to the southeast. It is Caraval's trade hub.

Aultin: A small fortress-town which straddles the Aultin Pass in the far north, the only passage through the Indran Peaks.

Point Verdant: The southernmost reach of the Caraval Domain, this jagged protrusion of bleached white rock and abundant vegetation also lends its name to an ancient, precariously-positioned watchtower
(which I apparently never posted here on DA). The tower serves as a home to the young battle-maiden Gwendolyn Weatherall and later to her adventuring companions as well.

La Isla de los Tiburones: Translated: The Isle of the Sharks, this small island is home to Audrey Caraval I, princess in exile, and the true heir to the throne of Caraval.

Rogue's Fortress: A bastion of anarchy located deep in the Argol Wood, the Rogue Castle is a haven for all manner of brigands and lowlifes.

Rovinth: A small port town located at the mouth of the River Aultin. The population of Rovinth has been in a slow, steady decline for several generations. They used to recieve steady shipments of goods from the desert kingdoms far to the west, but as antarctic ice flows have encroached on the Indran peninsula, the voyage has become all but impossible. Without a steady supply of vessels bringing trade to Rovinth, coupled with it's distance from Capital Caraval, It seems that it's only a matter of time until the last of Rovinth's population is forced to move upriver to the more prosperous Torsich.

Torsich: This built-up river town began as two settlements, one on either side of the River Aultin. As the two villiages expanded, they eventually grew together, and are connected by several large bridges. Due to the river running through the heart of Torsich, it has developed into a major hub for grain milling and smithing, with hundreds of water wheels powering grindstones and bellowes throughout the town.

Delta Chorda: A fishing town of modest size, this town is named for its situation on the delta of the River Chorda. It recieves occasional shipments from the Orient, those that overshoot Alta Roa, which is enough to support its fishing economy and keep Delta Chorda on the map.

Folindale: A large town situated to the south of Capital Caraval. Folindale has the third largest poulation in the Caraval Domain, after the capital and Alta Roa. Otherwise, it is an agrarian community of unremarkable nature.

Vardenvale: A town nestled into the edge of the Argol Wood, Vardenvale supplies quality lumber to all of Caraval, and its so-called "Woodsmiths" are the most renowned wood-workers in the land.

Vilmond's Canton: Little more than a blip in the landscape, this small settlement is the farthest-west outpost of the Caraval Domain, situated in a break in the jungle, where the Wilds encroach on Caraval's territory. It is the last semblance of civilization before entering the Wilds.

Osgaulder: The largest of Caraval's settlements north of the capital, Osgaulder is built on a large island formed by a wide loop in the River Aultin. The town lacks a defense wall as the river acts as a sort of natural mote. Osgaulder is the trade hub for the various farmers and nobles who work estates in the Highlands.

The parchment texture was sampled from a stock parchment texture by :iconfantasystock:.

Artwork, models and characters (c) :iconthe-crimson-wolf: and :icontekka-croe:

Also, I am hugely pleased with how that ornate compass/legend turned out.
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CustodialData Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Tekka-Croe, would you take a commision of a map? Also great work, to the both of you.
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Very well done!
heronwolf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very cool mate ;-)
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Lovely map. I particularly dig the compass rose.

ZaXo-KenIchi Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I definitely agree with the first comment. Really clean and genuine looking.
resuliac Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
very cool professional looking game map
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