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Split Up and Search for Clues (Halloween 2015) by Tekka-Croe
Split Up and Search for Clues (Halloween 2015)
Just a quick, goofy illustration to celebrate Halloween.

From left to right-
Doc Haplace as Shaggy Rogers
Reina as Velma Dinkley
as Daphne Blake
as Fred Jones

Have fun, stay safe, try not to induce a diabetic coma.
Proto-Reina (Early Development Art) by Tekka-Croe
Proto-Reina (Early Development Art)
This is something I'd put together a few months ago to help a friend understand the genesis of Reina's character design.

There's not a lot that needs to be said down here in the description- the annotations in the image say just about all that's needed (provided my handwriting is legible).  Interestingly, the tools used to render these images are largely the same traditional media that I still use today: Sakura pens and COPIC Sketch markers.

For those who missed it the first time around, I've got the full description posted under Reina's newly updated design:…

Character, artwork © :icontekka-croe:
Reina (2015) by Tekka-Croe
Reina (2015)
I knew I was overdue for a new character sheet for Reina, but I hadn't realized that I was two years overdue.  While she's obviously the same character, her design has undergone some significant changes since the 2012 reference went up.

When it comes to the specific changes, there are too many minutia to list.  Here's the 2012 version, if you want to make a direct comparison yourself:…

A note regarding the text of the image-  It occurred to me a little while back that, given Reina's in-universe origin, it makes little sense for her to have a surname.  As such, I'm treating "Reina" as a mononym.  "7β" refers to her designation within the KAIROS Project (the 7th KAIROS Cell: 7α Phoebe, 7β Reina, 7γ Gray).

I'm pretty wiped, as I've spent the last nine hours getting this finished up (of about 22-25 hours total, I'd guess).  I'll add a more substantial description detailing character background etc. tomorrow.

EDIT Oct. 15, 2015: Alright!  Let's get that full description hammered out.
EDIT Oct. 18, 2015: Additional information and grammatical corrections.

Name: Reina (7β)
Sex: Female
Age: 21 (Karic standard)*
Height: 5'2" / 1.57m 
Skin: Tan
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Black / green (cybernetic)

 Reina is a product of the KAIROS Project, a secret program within the Karic Empire's Office of Special Weapons and Resources (OSWAR) intended as a proof-of-concept for the effectiveness of cybernetically agmented covert operators.  All KAIROS subjects were grown specifically for the purpose of the project, from spare embryos created during artificial insemination procedures.  While cybernetic augmentation was the primary focus of the project, the subjects were also altered at the genetic level to have a predisposition toward developing compact, athletic physiques, as well as a powerful metabolism (traits such as facial structure, skin/hair texture, skin/hair color etc. were not altered, in the interest of the subjects' psychological stability).

From infancy through childhood, the KAIROS subjects also underwent gradual chemical augmentation, improving bone and muscle density as well as enhancing metabolic efficiency.  During childhood and early adolescence, they underwent intense physical fitness and military-tactical training.

At the age of 15, the KAIROS subjects underwent the majority of their cybernetic augmentations.  The various implantation, augmentation, amputation, and prosthesis procedures occurred over a span of several months.  Before the age of 17, the subjects had not only recovered fully from the extensive procedures, but had surpassed their pre-cyborg abilities.

Reina is currently the only KAIROS to have gone rogue.  During an individual assignment to capture notorious Saldean** freelancer Trent Valimund, she was herself captured.  It is believed that Reina's naturally taciturn and introverted personality, combined with a high capacity for self-reflection, caused her to be uniquely susceptible to abandoning the KAIROS Project if a viable alternative were presented (Naturally, these traits are now being carefully monitored in all loyal KAIROS subjects).

Reina has spent the last two years on the run from Karic as a member of Valimund's crew.  Unfortunately for Karic, Valimund's connections throughout known space ensure that any attempt to neutralize Reina or himself would be a severe security risk, potentially capable of exposing the KAIROS Project and several related deep-secret projects.  The small taskforce responsible for monitoring Reina's rogue actions includes her previous KAIROS squadmates- 7α Phoebe and 7γ Gray.


As cybernetics were the primary focus of the KAIROS Project, each subject underwent extensive cybernetic alteration and augmentation.  The following constitute the bulk of the augmentations performed on the KAIROS subjects:

In addition to the chemical strengthening of the skeletal structure, some especially fragile bones (such as the clavicles) have been replaced with carbon-based synth-organic components.  The spine and cranium have also been strategically reinforced with synth-organic bone grafts.

The lower arms and legs (starting at the lower biceps and mid-thighs, respectively) are fully prosthetic. Each prosthetic is anchored by a hybrid synth-organic component, far stronger than natural bone, yet able to be grafted directly onto existing bone structures. The "skin" segments of the prosthetics are made from a photo-harmonic material which automatically adjusts to the owner's skin tone during calibration. When the prosthetics are reverted to their default state, the "skin" shifts to a dull off-white.

The arms each contain a utility module located along the back of the forearm.  This module can contain a variety of backup/emergency equipment- typically either a retractable blade or a miniature mass accelerator (in Reina's case, both modules contain retractable blades by default).  The legs possess an exaggerated curve compared to natural human legs.  Their internal structure allows for the shins to have a very slight degree of flexibility, allowing for incredible speed and the ability to exert or absorb huge amounts of force.

High-stress joints such as the shoulders and hips have been augmented via synth-organic muscles, grafted into the natural musculature.  Thin ribbons of the same material have been strategically grafted throughouth the natural musculature, further increasing strength and durability.

The eyes are completely prosthetic. In addition to the Heads-Up Display capabilities available with most prosthetic eyes, the eyes of the KAIROS have multi-spectrum capabilities, up to 10x optical zoom, and are fully EMP-hardened. The aesthetic appearance of the KAIROS cybernetic eyes was selected for its value as a psychological weapon, the unnatural appearance being intended to unsettle their enemies.

Located at the base of the skull is a universal systems plug, allowing the KAIROS to directly interface with any compatible hardware/software. This is especially useful when using weapons with digital sighting options. The KAIROS subject has a series of similar plugs embedded throughout their body.  These additional plugs can be connected to the semi-powered bodysuit component of their armor, allowing them to fully integrate the armor's powered functions with their nervous system.

The digits of the hands each contain a miniature link-cable articulated with the same synth-muscle as the rest of the prosthesis.  These miniature cables magnetically latch onto data ports, and cannot transfer data as swiftly as a full-size cable connected to one of the main nervous interlinks, but can be more convenient in instances where the KAIROS cannot afford to stronglytether themself to a connection.  The miniature cables also have an optical sensor, used to guide their movement.  The KAIROS quickly discovered that this could be used to peek around corners and over cover without risking injury.

An extensive series of synthetic and semi-organic brain implants allow for drastically improved speed and clarity of though, enhanced motor skills, the ability to process and comprehend computer data mentally, and for limited digital memory storage (accessed in the event that certain information must be remembered with perfect clarity).

The largely digital nature of the brain augmentations also means that the KAIROS can manually alter their mental processing speed.  Optimum brain processing speed among  the KAIROS is approximately 1.8x-1.9x human standard.  If pushed to their theoretical boundary, they can achieve a processing speed of 2.7x human standard, though this risks causing neurological damage.  (When not on the job, Reina often dials her brain's processing speed down to roughly 1.1x human standard, for the sake of interacting with her crewmates in real-time.)

Many of the KAIROS' low-level cybernetic components are powered by miniature heat sinks throughout the body which convert natural excess body heat into usable energy, which also gives them the benefit of a reduced heat profile.

*Karic- Humanity's homeworld in Novus Imperium.  It also referns to the Karic Empire, the most powerful galactic nation in the Terravon Galaxy.
**Saldea- Capitol of the Squadron Alliance Protectorate, and an enormous terrestrial planet.  It's humanoid inhabitants, Saldeans, are densely muscled to counter the planet's extreme gravity.

Novus Imperium, characters, artwork © :icontekka-croe:
Casual Friday by Tekka-Croe
Casual Friday
Essentially just a colored page from my sketchbook, hence the odd composition.  I'm particularly happy with how the lower sketch turned out.  I've not previously taken the time to render my characters in more casual contexts, but it's essential for helping me to get a complete grasp on who they are.

I've finally got some more developed NI artwork on the way, including an updated reference sheet for Reina (long overdue, as I haven't put up a sheet for her since 2012 and her design has changed significantly since then).  Those will probably start showing up within a couple of weeks.

Character; artwork © :icontekka-croe:
Gray Portrait Feb. 10, 2015 by Tekka-Croe
Gray Portrait Feb. 10, 2015
A sketch I'd worked up back in February.

Gray is a product of the KAIROS Project and one of Reina's previous squadmates, now tasked with hunting her down.

Character; artwork © :icontekka-croe:
I am once again opening up for commissions.  Last year's run involved a lot of dropping the ball on my end, but it was at least informative, and I've incorporated a couple new things into my commission policy based on that experience.

I had wanted to submit my updated commission policy as a separate Deviation which I could link to from my Journal, but submitting a text document to DeviantArt seems to be slightly more difficult than crossing the Antarctic on foot.  So I'm putting it here instead, at least for the time being:

Commissions:  Terms and conditions.

No copyrighted material (some exceptions):  While I appreciate creativity within established universes, I'll not use any copyrighted material without its owner's express permission.  If you wish to commission a work depicting a character within a pre-existing universe, that character's design must be fully original.  There are some exceptions.  It’s my understanding that Games Workshop (Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000) and Privateer Press (Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine, Hordes) both encourage fan-created artwork, even commissions.

Accepting/declining commissions:  I reserve the right to choose whether or not I will accept a commission.  Regardless of whether I accept or decline, you will receive a response to your request.  If you don't receive a response within a few days, that doesn't mean I've declined- it may simply be that I’m busy.

Cancellation:  I reserve the right to, at any point during the commission process, cancel work on the commission.  Sometimes, issues will come up and I'll not have time to complete a commission within the foreseeable future.  If this occurs, you will be refunded anything you've paid up that point (depending on how we work out the payment for your individual commission).

The Client:

Retains the creative rights to their characters and designs.

May not re-produce or redistribute the commissioned work.

May not exhibit the commissioned work in any online or offline gallery without the artist's express permission.  (Universal permission:  You absolutely are permitted to display any work you commission from me in your own DeviantArt gallery, provided that you credit me as the artist.)

General guidelines:

Nothing Illegal:  I won't depict any sort of illegal activities.

Nothing Pornographic:  Let's keep it "Rated PG-13”, okay?

On a related note:  As a general rule, I don't do nudes.  Call me a prude if you must.

What to expect:  Bear in mind that I am principally a character designer.  I’m not much good at action scenes or environments.  Designing characters is what I’m best at, and my assumption is that that’s why most people want me to do work for them.

Pricing:  The base price for my commissions is $20 USD, and the cost goes up from there depending upon the amount of work involved.  The exact price will be worked out as I figure out exactly how much work will be required to complete the commission.  (For reference, a relatively simple character sheet, with color and shading, would run you +/- $60.)

Means of contact:  I can work with clients through DA’s note system, but I understand that some people like to communicate through Skype.  If you’d prefer to communicate through Skype, please send me a note here on DA letting me know that, and I’ll get you my Skype address.  (Important: If you contact me through Skype, please be sure to include your DeviantArt account name in the contact request.  This will make it far easier for me to know who you are, and to keep everyone’s names straight.)

Slots system:  This is something new that I’m implementing based on last year’s experience taking commissions.  In order to prevent myself being overwhelmed, I’ll be accepting commissions on a slots basis, with a maximum of four slots (ensuring that I am at no point working on more than four commissions simultaneously).  This will allow me to handle any backlog of clients in an orderly fashion.  If your request is in the backlog, I will contact you as soon as I’m available to work on it.

Payment:  For the moment, I'm only accepting payment through Paypal.  I'll contact you with my payment information upon acceptance of the commission.  At that time, we can discuss payment options, such as how or when to break up the payment, if at all.

  • Listening to: Metal Gear Rising OST, Halo 4 OST
  • Reading: Halo: The Fall of Reach
  • Watching: YuGiOh The Abridged Series
  • Playing: Warframe, Metal Gear Rising
  • Eating: A bagel
  • Drinking: Coffee


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Orchestral, sci fi, Classical, Techno
Favourite style of art: Conceptual/stylized, Lego
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Playstation Portable
Shell of choice: High-density Railgun Slug.
Skin of choice: My own, thank you very much.
Favourite cartoon character: Schnitzel
Personal Quote: "Watch out, chaps! It's Ultimate Fred!"

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Thankfully, the XBL issue did eventually get fixed.  I simply can't justify buying a new console for the sake of one game.  Whenever I do, eventually, get my hands on an XB1, I'll be sure to let you know.

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