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Sketch 05 05 2017
I've been experiencing something akin to art block for the better part of a couple weeks, and finally managed to sit down and do some sketching.

Between traveling and illness I've been in a funk for a while, but I'm coming out of it.  In the next few days I'll be making a point of responding to everyone who's contacted me recently.

Character and artwork © :icontekka-croe:
Valentine's Day (2017)
!Do not startle combat cyborgs!

Characters, artwork © :icontekka-croe:

Doc Haplace needs immediate medical attention.
Pria Wryn (Art Trade)
My half of an art trade with :iconspirogs:, an illustration of one of the characters from his Waymaker Chronicles.  His fantasy designs have a somewhat more outlandish flair than my own, so reconciling that with my own illustration style was an enjoyable challenge.

For his half, Spirogs did this illustration of Yvonne, a character from my developing fantasy setting:  The Cleric Yvonne by Spirogs.  He also included lineart from a first-pass at the illustration, which is also pretty cool.
Fantasy Sketchdump (02 04 2017)
I've had a bit of down-time during the last day or two, so I've taken the opportunity to compile some sketches from the last couple years for the fantasy setting I've been building.

Reina-Rapid Iteration:  Recent sketches testing out some alterations to Reina's fantasy design.  I'm partial to how C turned out (clearly, since it ended up being the most refined sketch).

NPCs-Southron Reach:  Common folk of the Southron Reach, the territory where the Lion's Band forms and begins their adventures.

Trent-Battle Stance:  Not anything too special, just some development art showing Trent's standard ready stance in combat.

Lionheart (both):  Development art for Lionheart.  While he's not specifically aligned with fire, he's a bit of a wandering vigilante, so the idea of "cleansing flame" seems thematically appropriate.

Edgar:  An attempt at adapting a friend (and a real-life archer) into the setting.

Reina's Blades:  The dagger is fashioned from an ancient spear-head which Reina found while exploring the forests of the Southron Reach.  The hunting knife's gutting hook has been found to be particularly useful in dismantling skeletal undead.

Physick (Right Forearm):  This one requires a bit of background.  In the setting, all superhuman feats are based on the exertion of a person's Will.  Magick is the process of manifesting Will outside of a person's body, whether it be throwing fireballs, healing wounds, enchanting weapons, or the like.  Physick, on the other hand, refers to channeling Will within the body in order to surpass one's own physical limitations.  The sketch was my attempt at showing how I'd want Physick to be visualized: when Physick is being used, the veins in the most affected part of the body emit a soft golden glow.  In the case of the illustration, Reina is using Physick to draw her longbow past the point at which her arm would ordinarily give out in order to perform a power shot.

And now on to the monsters!
 I decided long ago that if this setting were used as the basis for a video game, I'd want to use Capcom's Dragon's Dogma as the basis for the combat and movement mechanics, and that means lots of big boss monsters that you can grab onto and climb all over to get at their weak points.

Griffon:  A fairly conventional design.  Probably the most notable aspect of the design is the coloration, which I've based on the African Fish Eagle.

Basilisk:  An extremely dangerous reptilian creature.  Its mouth contains a pair of brightly-colored sacks which store and release a deadly petrifying toxin.  When combined with a powerful roar, it can emit its petrifying agent as a mist.

Troll:  If its immense strength wasn't deadly enough, the many bony spurs protruding from the Troll's body further enhance its killing power.

Watcher:  An Entropic Avatar, spontaneously generated by unbound Will seeping back into the world.  While the central eye casts powerful magick, the smaller magickal vortices on its body are capable of generating spell-casting tendrils.  Its body is composed of stone from crumbled ruins.

Manticore:  While the Manticore is smaller than its felinid cousins, the Griffon and the Chimera, it is arguably the most dangerous of the three.  Despite having wings, the Manticore is flightless.  Instead, it uses the heavy, tough membranes as armor, wrapping its wings around itself to protect it from injury.  The wings can also be used to augment its leaping movements, allowing the Manticore to both create and close distances between itself and its prey with frightening swiftness.  Additionally, the Manticore is a natural magick-caster, and its tail-sting is capable of inflicting a potent poison.

Dragon:  Ancient and elusive creatures, Dragons are so rarely encountered than many believe they are mere legend.  Others suppose that only one Dragon can live at any given time.  Dragons are immensely powerful, both in body and in Will.  They are highly intelligent and naturally adversarial, seeing the world around them in terms of conflict and struggle.

Lesser Dragon-kin lack the intelligence of a true Dragon, and are more animal in their behavior.  They represent individual aspects of a Dragon.  The Drake is a Dragon's strength, all muscle and brute force.  The Wyvern is a Dragon's grace, its wispy form glides effortlessly through the air.  The Wyrm is the Dragon's Will, though unfocused.  It is a natural magick-caster surpassing even the greatest mages among men.

And that's what I've got for the moment.  I'm pretty pleased with most of these sketches, but I just didn't think any of them was quite good enough to be posted up on its own.

Setting; designs; artwork © :icontekka-croe:
Landscape 01 24 2017
I've never been much good at landscape art, but I still take a crack at it every now and again.  In the fantasy setting I've been working on, I want to communicate a sense of both loneliness and a sort of silent grandeur in wide open environments.  Adventuring party added in for scale.

Artwork © :icontekka-croe:
I am once again opening up for commissions.  Last year's run involved a lot of dropping the ball on my end, but it was at least informative, and I've incorporated a couple new things into my commission policy based on that experience.

I had wanted to submit my updated commission policy as a separate Deviation which I could link to from my Journal, but submitting a text document to DeviantArt seems to be slightly more difficult than crossing the Antarctic on foot.  So I'm putting it here instead, at least for the time being:

Commissions:  Terms and conditions.

No copyrighted material (some exceptions):  While I appreciate creativity within established universes, I'll not use any copyrighted material without its owner's express permission.  If you wish to commission a work depicting a character within a pre-existing universe, that character's design must be fully original.  There are some exceptions.  It’s my understanding that Games Workshop (Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000) and Privateer Press (Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine, Hordes) both encourage fan-created artwork, even commissions.

Accepting/declining commissions:  I reserve the right to choose whether or not I will accept a commission.  Regardless of whether I accept or decline, you will receive a response to your request.  If you don't receive a response within a few days, that doesn't mean I've declined- it may simply be that I’m busy.

Cancellation:  I reserve the right to, at any point during the commission process, cancel work on the commission.  Sometimes, issues will come up and I'll not have time to complete a commission within the foreseeable future.  If this occurs, you will be refunded anything you've paid up that point (depending on how we work out the payment for your individual commission).

The Client:

Retains the creative rights to their characters and designs.

May not re-produce or redistribute the commissioned work.

May not exhibit the commissioned work in any online or offline gallery without the artist's express permission.  (Universal permission:  You absolutely are permitted to display any work you commission from me in your own DeviantArt gallery, provided that you credit me as the artist.)

General guidelines:

Nothing Illegal:  I won't depict any sort of illegal activities.

Nothing Pornographic:  Let's keep it "Rated PG-13”, okay?

On a related note:  As a general rule, I don't do nudes.  Call me a prude if you must.

What to expect:  Bear in mind that I am principally a character designer.  I’m not much good at action scenes or environments.  Designing characters is what I’m best at, and my assumption is that that’s why most people want me to do work for them.

Pricing:  The base price for my commissions is $20 USD, and the cost goes up from there depending upon the amount of work involved.  The exact price will be worked out as I figure out exactly how much work will be required to complete the commission.  (For reference, a relatively simple character sheet, with color and shading, would run you +/- $60.)

Means of contact:  I can work with clients through DA’s note system, but I understand that some people like to communicate through Skype.  If you’d prefer to communicate through Skype, please send me a note here on DA letting me know that, and I’ll get you my Skype address.  (Important: If you contact me through Skype, please be sure to include your DeviantArt account name in the contact request.  This will make it far easier for me to know who you are, and to keep everyone’s names straight.)

Slots system:  This is something new that I’m implementing based on last year’s experience taking commissions.  In order to prevent myself being overwhelmed, I’ll be accepting commissions on a slots basis, with a maximum of four slots (ensuring that I am at no point working on more than four commissions simultaneously).  This will allow me to handle any backlog of clients in an orderly fashion.  If your request is in the backlog, I will contact you as soon as I’m available to work on it.

Payment:  For the moment, I'm only accepting payment through Paypal.  I'll contact you with my payment information upon acceptance of the commission.  At that time, we can discuss payment options, such as how or when to break up the payment, if at all.

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